bio-bottle, medical and temperature controlled packaging.

Bio-bottle and SDX medical packaging are specially designed for the transport of infectious and biological substances of class 6.2 category A and B according to PI650 and PI620. All these products have been tested and validated packages, and also offer the ability to cool or to freeze without the use of UN1845 dry ice, solid carbon dioxide, as a cooling agent. Bio-Bottle is your partner for packaging infectious substances, pathogenic, blood, patient materials, diagnostic specimens or biological samples.

All our products are pressure tested to 95 kPa and approved for safe transportation in accordance with DGR 2015-2016 regulations.
Bio-Bottle medical packaging are made by bio-bottle New Zealand from 100% recyclable material.

Hospitals and medical institutions can also order on account by email.
Rates on the website are inclusive of 21% VAT and are listed without transportation.


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